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Carlos Estefan

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I’m Carlos, a Brazilian/Italian narrative designer, born in 1984.

In 2008 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social communications, and I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for the past 7 years, writing for games and comic books. I also make some illustrations now and then.

My main goal is to focus on writing narratives for the gaming industry and expand my career internationally.

Feel free to check my portfolio below (it also has some extra files available for download to recruiters) and contact me for job opportunities. 🙂

/ games

O Mistério de EnglishTown (English: The Mystery of Englishtown) is the first Brazilian advergame made with an independent comic book (Jones, Inc. – by Carlos Estefan and Mauro Souza). The story brings the player to an immersive plot, with a lot of sense of humor and reference to the adventure game genre. All of that without losing the identity of the EF Englishtown brand.

Genre: Mystery / Humor / Adventure
Client: EnglishLive
Avaliable: No (watch the trailer here)

FOR RECRUTERS ONLY: Script (download) / Puzzle Design (download)

O Mistério de EnglishTown

Join Augusto and Helena’s journey through a magic looking glass! An educative story about the new coronavirus. Learn more about how to fight this spreading disease by having fun with this game.

Genre: Kids / Arcade
Mito Games
Avaliable: Yes (iOS / Android)

O Mundo de Augusto Contra o Coronavírus

In the near future, we’ll likely be threatened by climate disasters. To ensure a possible sustainable future, five scientists join forces to create a powerful A.I. to help them achieve mankind’s survival. Or so they thought.

Genre: Sci-fi / Adventure
Client: Braskem
Avaliable: 2021


/ comics

Gatilho (English: Trigger) is a comic book western trilogy made by me (story) and Pedro Mauro (art). We follow a gunslinger trying to cope with a violent world and the consequences of his choices.

Genre: Western / Action
Publisher: Independent
Avaliable: Sold out

FOR RECRUITERS ONLY: Download the first volume here (please email me for password)


Monica’s Gang or Monica and Friends (Portuguese: Turma da Mônica, British English: Frizz & Friends) is a Brazilian comic book series and media franchise created by Mauricio de Sousa. The stories revolve around the adventures of Monica and her friends in the fictional Lemon Tree Street (Bairro do Limoeiro). I wrote several featured and short stories for the series.

Genre: Kids / Humor / Adventure
Publisher: Panini Comics Brasil
Avaliable: Yes (here)

Monica's Gang

Jones, Inc. is a humor/noir comic book series created by me (story) and Mauro Souza (art). We follow the struggles of the Jones brothers trying to solve mysteries and fighting supernatural beings in the big city.

Genre: Humor / Noir / Adventure
Publisher: Independent
Avaliable: Yes (via direct message)


“321: Fast Comics” is a storytelling challenge where artists and writers must come up with short comic stories that always have: 3 Pages 2 Characters 1 Twist Ending As long as the above rules are respected, anything goes: any genre, any characters, any situation. The challenge is always to surprise readers at the turn of three pages. I’ve wrote one story for each volume of the series.

Genre: Humor / Horror
Publisher: Timberwolf Entertainment
Avaliable: Yes (here and here)

321: Fast Comics